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Rudjeri Joseph

Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS# 2288560

Rudjeri Nevadho Joseph was born in the humble grounds of Gonaives, Haiti. There he was raised by his grandmother and his uncle as his mother established herself in the U.S. to make a better life for her four children. At an early age Joseph’s grandmother, whom he was close to, instilled in him wisdom and patience; his uncle taught him the power of education, and hard work, and his mother embodied it all. These humble beginnings allowed Joseph to experience an old world with traditional ideals such as integrity, respect, self-reliance, servitude, courtesy, and toughness. At the age of 9 years old, Joseph and his siblings would make the transition to a new world, filled with promises and opportunity. Since 9 years old Rudjeri has never let opportunities pass him by, especially making his mark in sports; from soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, track, and baseball.


No greater opportunity, though, would ensue than the great calling of theUnited States Marines. In September of 2018, Joseph and his brother Ruff would actively talk to recruiters about joining the armed forces, however, none would be more distinguished in style and character than"The Few, The Proud." On November 13th, several months after getting his Associates Degree in psychology, with a pursuit in forensic psychology, Joseph shipped out to Paris Island for recruit basic training with the Marine Corps. Upon graduating basic training and follow-on training, now CPL Joseph would spend the following years with 4TH Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company as a supply logistics chief.


Though spending two years of active duty time as a reservist, Joseph relentlessly pursued his entrepreneurial ventures with music media and podcast ‘Change in the Youth Media,’as well as business phone servicing company ‘Boxygen Vocals,’and event curation platform ‘CiiiTY Lights.’ As a mortgage loan officer at Parada Mortgage, you can be assured that Rudjeri understands your grind, and he works for you, your family, and with the highest of professional guidance, resources, and communication. His goal is to make your American dream of homeownership easier than you thought!

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Discovery Call

Initial call to complete a mortgage loan application and review your financial scenario

Strategy Call

Develop a mortgage strategy to serve your needs based on the terms you have been qualified under

Results Call

Go over your approval rate, term and any needed items for your mortgage application

Collaboration Call

Refer you to our realtors and business partners or speak with yours regarding your approval 

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