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Dionisio Montes

Loan Officer - NMLS# 2425393

Dionsio Montes was born in Wurzburg, Germany to an American soldier.


At 3 years old, he was relocated back to the United States. He was raised by his grandmother and his uncle in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, as his mother and father continued their duty to the Army. Dionisio was taught his family’s core values: Faith in God, Love for Family, Self Respect, Servitude  and hard work. 


While growing up in New Jersey, Dio, spent most of his time reading books, serving as an altar boy, and playing sports. He spent numerous summers avidly traveling to see his father wherever he was stationed: Fort Sam Houston, Texas; Fort Meade, Maryland; Fort Hauchuca, Arizona; Wurzburg Army Hospital, Germany; Fitzimons Army Medical Center, Colorado; and Landshtul, Germany.


Dio Head Shot_edited.jpg

In 2000, he moved to Florida in search of a better opportunity. He settled in Boca Raton, Florida and began working in the retail industry for the Nordstrom Company. Over a period of 10 years, held multiple successful sales and management roles until 2013. In 2011, he was awarded the #1 National Shopkeeper of the year of the Nordstrom Company Men’s Shoes division for increasing sales by  double digit sales year over year while building and maintaining strong support teams. In 2014, he transitioned into the car industry  and quickly became one of the top pre-owned car sales’ representatives at Toyota of Richardson, Texas.  But, Dio’s true calling came in the real estate industry. While working full time for the Nordstrom Company and later , Toyota,  he maintained his affinity for investing as a part time bird dog for some of the more active investors in the South Florida market. He developed a “boots on the ground” mentality during one of the greatest recessions in U.S. history (2008). His main role is to help investors locate investment properties that brought back above normal returns on their money. Dionisio showed he was not afraid to roll up the sleeves and get in the trenches for his investors. In 2015, Dio returned to Florida to take care of his family and thus began his call room career. He also acquired his Florida Real Estate License while working the phones at Daniel’s call room. Since 2015, we have helped real estate investors find properties that produce 10%+ ROI. We also help raise capital for real estate investments that produce above-average returns on investment. In 2016, he went full time into residential real estate sales working traditional transactions helping homeowners professionally market and sell their property and helping 1st time home buyer’s purchase homes. He also continued to work in off market investment opportunities assisting investors locate properties that produced 12%+ return on their investments. Dio applies a customer centric and data driven approach into the real estate investments industry. In 2019, he co-founded Buyer Next Door with his brother Daniel Goldman and childhood friend Jerry Rodriguez. Together, they have collectively worked on numerous single family home projects in Florida, as well as Ohio, Texas, and Alabama. Dio also serves as junior underwriter for Cornerstone Investment Partners who is headed up by his mentor and longtime friend, Nizan Mozery also known as “the Traveling Investor. Dio’s passion and commitment is to be the educated choice for real estate consumers and the provider of real estate knowledge, marketing, and professional services essential to his clients' success and the profitability in their real estate transactions. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Dio and the company specialize in solving complicated real estate matters for people throughout the U.S. Since its inception, Buyer Next Door is looking to help hundreds of homeowners find solutions to their real estate issues.  When he is not submerging himself in real estate and finance, you can find Dio spending time with his family, engaging with his 4 children, reading, playing sports, or weightlifting.  His commitment is to be the educated choice for real estate consumers and the provider of real estate knowledge, marketing, and financial services essential to our clients' and partners’ success.  Dio specializes in solving complicated real estate matters for people throughout the country. He is looking to help hundreds of homeowners find profitable solutions to their real estate needs.

Discovery Call

Initial call to complete a mortgage loan application and review your financial scenario

Strategy Call

Develop a mortgage strategy to serve your needs based on the terms you have been qualified under

Results Call

Go over your approval rate, term and any needed items for your mortgage application

Collaboration Call

Refer you to our realtors and business partners or speak with yours regarding your approval 

Knowledgeable , Fast and Friendly Service

Get the mortgage you deserve 

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