Thank you for choosing Parada Mortgage for your mortgage financial needs. We are a Veteran owned mortgage company that works with you to obtain the American dream or refinance your current mortgage. Our foundation is a based on our values, being that we are of military background , to be specific U.S. Army, our values are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.  



Glenn Parada

As well as a successful Mortgage Banker in the east coast region and a United States Army Veteran, Glenn Parada is involved in nonprofits and community programs. He is primarily interested with the intersection of religion and politics, immigration, ethics and veterans. He is an industrious voice for active service members and veterans of the United States Military and the hispanic community



William Madigan,Jr

Mortgage Banker NMLS#1121754

William served 10 years in the U.S. Army as airborne infantryman and deployed to Afghanistan in 2007 in support of OEF. He received his Bachelor’s degree and MBA from Rutgers University.


After witnessing the housing bubble from the outset, William dedicated his studies to finance
and real estate where he can use his military values for the public good. William currently lives in NJ where he also serves as a board member for several non-profits.


Luis Calderon

Mortgage Banker NMLS#1669100

Luis is currently serving in the NJ Army National Guard as a 74-D CBRN soldier at the recruitment battalion in Monmouth County, NJ. He was born and raised in NJ and overseas and is bilingual fluent in Spanish.


Edward Santiago

Mortgage  Recruiter

Edward is currently serving in the NJ Army National Guard as a Recruiter and Drill Sargent. He served overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. He speak fluent Spanish and is key member of the communities he serves in NJ. 

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